ΔΣ Services applies UAV technology into civil engineering processes where usually finds a gap for increasing productivity.

We offer technical coverage to construction companies, contractors, consultancies and administrations, providing end-to-end services with an extra added value.

Our team of experts performs identifying key needs, which ultimately means a significant cutoff in deadlines, final costs and risk managing for our clients.


In the water engineering field ΔΣ Services makes possible to closely approach unreachable places with no risk involved. We have developed surveying procedures for pipes, waterways, dam walls and concrete tanks as well as large concrete structures and inventories.

road engineering

Topographic surveying of freeway corridors in poor access translates the use of our technology into a significant way of cost reduction and deadlines. The visual monitoring of vertical slopes, under-deck elements, enbankments and or retaining walls without the use of scaffolding nor works-at-height equipment, ultimately guarantees outstanding cost reduction while minimizing risk exposure and downtimes.

SITE WORK surveying

Real-time monitoring of works becomes a really powerfull asset for engineers, specifically if conducted remotely. Either with the use HD timelapse cameras or UAVs, ΔΣ Services makes posible to record the working progress providing valuable information for contractors and engineers when it comes to certifications and/or claims. Orthomosaics also allow engineers to perform measurements and evaluations from the office avoiding journeys, travel expenses and downtimes.


UAVs aerial data provides coastal and civil engineers with very important information regarding extreme coastal events and its consequences against existing infrastructure without the use of a boat nor helicopter. ΔΣ Services technology can be deployed for assessment of damages in docks and maritime infrastructure, surveying of breakwater materials, quantification of excavation/filling volumes and implementation control of marine works among other purposes.


Within the technology we use, ΔΣ Services can deploy thermal imaging systems attached to UAV equiment. That offers a wide range of possibilities for industrial monitoring and surveying.  We help our clients in persistenly tracking corrosive processes of metal structures and welds as well as detecting hot spots regarding failures in the suspension insulators of medium and high voltage powerlines.



ΔΣ Services has contributed in every stage of a building project. From basic outdoor measurements to real state promotion and development, our clients requests are pointing towards construction control, construction finishes, assessments on facades and surveying of thermal leaking processes.


other implementations

Other implementations

Other technical applications where ΔΣ Services has been deployed are focused on the fields of agriculture, archeology, urban planning and heritage, expropriations, cadastral updates and assessments of burned areas after wildfires among others.

projects and planing


Traditionally, the lack of accurate data hinders engineers choosing the right technical answers towards a proper cost estimation of a construction project. When this happens, design mistakes tend to increase the execution budget due to mismatches in measurements and wrong estimations.

ΔΣ Services is characterized for writing projects and studies in remote areas where providing alternative solutions with accurate and reliable data is key.


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